finished the game

todays update is (hopefully!) the last update to this game! it is also the biggest update since i first posted this game

heres all the things i have added/changed:

exclamation on store icon when you can buy something
raised the height of the text on some store icon so it looks nicer
changed the hitbox on the cursor to be more like the actual windows cursor
shadow on the player
you can skip the intro if you have played the game before
better timing on explosions
save last weapon used
you dont jump when you buy something with z
the player wears a santa hat if you are playing in the month of december
the elephant is the gop elephant if you are playing on election day

and probably a bunch of other things that are either really minor changes, or i forgot i added them


Seagull Hunting Extreme - INSTALLER 10 MB
Feb 11, 2018
Seagull Hunting Extreme - STANDALONE EXE 9 MB
Feb 11, 2018

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